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Selling a car can take a lot of time and effort; and this is even true when the vehicle is in great shape. If the vehicle is damaged or in need of repairs, it will only make the process more difficult.
If you are trying to sell the car on your own, this leaves you with a few options. You could accept a price that is significantly below value just to get rid of the vehicle. You could spend money on repairs in the hope that you can recover the expense when you make the sale. Or you could call around to junkyards and try to sell the car for scrap.
When you think about it, none of these options are particularly profitable. Two of the options have you accepting less for the car than it is worth, and the other has you investing more money into the vehicle. Fortunately, there is another option for people that are trying to figure out how to sell a damaged car.
With Original Cash for Cars, you have a service that will buy any car, regardless of the damage or its need for repairs. You will avoid the hassle of repairing the vehicle and it will ensure that you get a fair price for your car.
All you need to do is contact us for a free quote and once agreed we will come to you and pay you cash. When you sell your used car to us, the process is fast and easy, plus you know that you are dealing with a reputable service that operates nationwide. For further information or questions please contact Original Cash for Cars at 888-540-7090 or visit

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