Q: What kinds of vehicles do you buy?

A: We buy any car from any year in any condition – whether it is a car, truck, van, SUV, whether it is new or old, whether it is in good or bad condition, whether it is running or not, even if it a total wreck. We also buy classic cars.

Q: Why should I choose originalcashforcars.com?


  • We are fair–We give you a competitive offer on your vehicle
  • We are fast–We can pick up your car and pay you usually within 24 hours
  • Safety–We are licensed and bonded for your peace of mind. And if you choose us, unlike selling your car on the open market, you will not have dozens of strangers show up to your home to view the car.
  • We are honest–we live up to our word and give you whatever we promised on the phone. And there are never any hidden fees.
  • Convenience–we come to your vehicle and pick it up
  • We buy your car as is. There is no need to make expensive repairs.

Q: Aren’t I better off trading in my car to a car dealer?

A: Not in our opinion. Car dealers are clever. Even though it may look like you are being offered a ‘good’ trade in price, chances are that you will be paying a ‘not so good’ price for the car you are purchasing. The truth is that most car dealers don’t really want your old car, but will take it as a trade in just so they can sell you another car. In our opinion you are better off bargaining with your own money. This way you will likely get a better deal.

Q: Do you buy cars in my city/state?

A: Probably! We buy cars all around the USA. We buy cars in almost every state and we cover hundreds of cities nationwide. If you are in a major metropolitan area we certainly cover your area. If you are in a remote or rural area please call us and we will let you know.

Q: What do I need to give you to sell you my vehicle?

A: Title (aka “pink slip”) and Identification (to prove you are the rightful owner).

Q: What if I cant find my title (aka “pink slip”)?

A: In certain states we can buy your vehicle without the pink slip. Please call us to find out what our requirements are in your state.

Q: What if I cant find my keys?

A: We can still buy your car, but it might effect our price quote. Please call to find out more.

Q: How long does it take to sell my car?

A: We typically purchase your car within 24 hours.

Q: How and when do I get paid?

A: You always get paid on the spot when we pick up your vehicle.

Q: Are there any hidden fees?

A: No, never! You get the amount that we promised to pay you. Period.