CarMax Alternative – Sell Your Car to a CarMax Competitor

Original Cash for Cars is leading the industry for top payouts on your trade-ins. Selling your used car to us can be the best decision you make. Typically what companies like CarMax and other dealers do is research historically what similar cars have brought in using the MMR tool (Manheim Market Report), and then based off the condition after they receive the inspection report, they adjust price and give the seller an offer for his/her car.

For brand new cars, CarMax can pay the most because they can simply take the trade-in and retail the vehicle. Any car that is not retail worthy for CarMax will immediately go to their auction. And that’s where we can come in as a CarMax alternative and provide you with a better offer.

Cars that are 2014 and older and have over 70,000 miles, Original Cash for Cars can pay you anywhere from $100-$500 more than your written offer you get from CarMax. We encourage our customers to try CarMax first and come to us last. Our goal is to get you more than your written offer and usually when you already have the inspection report in hand, we can quickly evaluate and give you friendly advice on what to do next. Our company goal is to treat you like our own family with honesty and integrity. If we can beat your offer, we can get you paid on the same day. If we can’t beat the offer, as a competitor, we have no problem giving you honest advice and letting you know we can’t beat it and that you should take the offer given to you from them. We want to look out for you and make sure when you sell your car, you’re getting the best offer.

Original Cash for Cars has over 30 years retail and wholesale experience and would love to advice you on the best move for you. Our goal whether we buy your car or not is to give you expert advice and put as much as we can in your pocket. Call us today at 888.838.6572 or request a free quote here.

Below are car brands/models that we are confident we can offer top cash for:


  • Land Cruiser – 1999 or newer
  • Tacoma – 2001 or newer 4 Door (Quad or Extended Cab)
  • Tundra Truck – 2001 or newer
  • Camry – 2007 or newer
  • Corolla – 2007 or newer
  • Other SUVS – 2005 or newer


  • LX470 – 2001 or newer
  • GX470 – 2001 or newer
  • RX300, RX350, RX450 – 2001 or newer
  • Any Other Model – 2006 or newer


  • TL – 2005 or newer and under 130,000 miles
  • TSX – 2005 or newer and under 130,000 miles
  • MDX – 2005 or newer
  • RDX – 2007 or newer
  • Any Other Model – 2007 or newer and under 130,000


  • Any Truck with 4 Doors – 2005 or newer
  • Ford Trucks
    • F250 – 2005 or newer
    • F350 – 2005 or newer
  • Dodge Ram
    • 2500 – 2005 or newer
    • 3500 – 2005 or newer