Making Money Selling Your Car Whether It’s Running or Not


Selling your used car is possible even when it has stalled and hasn’t been driven for a long period of time.  One of the questions that keeps bothering many people when they want to sell that old car is whether anyone will even want it in the first place.  A stalled car is even worse because it has lost much value by just allowing it sit there as a junk.

Though it is possible to sell that car, it is very hard to find the right buyer within the time frame you have planned.  Going online and posting a few advertisements does not guarantee anyone will buy your car, especially if it is not running. Even receiving a few calls and interests does not necessarily mean that your car will be sold even if it’s in fair condition.

Most people who are selling their old vehicles run to the craigslist or Facebook or any other page to post an advert of the car.  What you will notice is the millions of other adverts that are also present on these social pages making it hard for a potential buyer to come right away.

If you are selling your car “as is” it is important to be very honest about its entire details and even post a picture as well as a short motivational description of the car and how long it has served you.  This allows the interested customer to know exactly what he/she is expecting.

Most people give up easily when the car does not find a buyer fast enough, or become very frustrated with the process. Some are looking to get fast cash for their car due to some financial emergency they may be facing. Others don’t know what to do or who to sell to when their car is broken down or not running anymore. That’s where we come in. At Original Cash for Cars, we buy cars, running or not, for cash.

Being one of the largest car buyers in the United States, our team at Original Cash for Cars has the best offers when it comes to buying old, damaged, junk or used vehicles.  We are experts in making the process fast, easy and friendly by offering you a free quote as soon as you contact us with your offer to sell your car. Please call 888.838.6572 or submit your information here to request a free quote.



A few questions that come to mind when selling your used car: “Will I get a fair price?” “How long will the process take?” It is not easy to trust car dealers to handle all used cars transactions professionally. Further, expecting to receive cash from unknown people or accepting terms and conditions in phony online services that make promises they will not keep can be dangerous.

But what to do when you need to sell a used car as soon as possible? Whether due to a family emergency or in need of a new car Original Cash for Cars is the go to source for selling your used car with confidence. As one of the oldest and largest car buying networks in the United States, Original Cash for Cars has the experience and expertise to make the process of selling your used car fast, easy and reliable.

  • You only need to make one phone call to get a free quote.
  • We buy used cars as is.
  • We can pick up the used car within 24 hours nationwide.

Regardless of your reasons to sell a used car, we are prepared to act promptly and we pride in giving all our clients a trustworthy service and the fast cash they deserve for their automobiles. Our goal is to make your life easier. We want used cars, you want fast cash. Simple!

For further information or for a hassle free quote please call Original Cash for Cars at 888-540-7090 or visit

How Long Does It Take To Sell My Used Car?

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Regardless of what condition they are in, used cars are like an old wardrobe: You know you need to get rid of it, but you simply can’t find the time to do it. And at the end, between finding the right buyer and making sure you’re getting a fair and fast cash payment, the whole process takes three times more time than what you had hoped.

Like we have mentioned in previous blogs, there are many ways to sell your used car for cash. One of the most popular is Craigslist. But according to the same source, “most craigslist consumers sell (or give up the process of selling) in 4 weeks.” Navigating classified advertisements can be an endless pain when you are in need of a trustworthy and fast solution. This is where Original Cash for Cars saves the day.

Original Cash for Cars is fully licensed, insured and committed to providing you with the best service and price for your used vehicle in any condition. The process is hassle free and offers free quote with a simple phone call. If it’s a good match we can make the exchange the same day.

For further information or for a quote please contact Original Cash for Cars at 888-540-7090 or visit . We are here to help.

Donating Your Car vs. Selling it for Cash

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There comes a time when you’re ready to part ways with your car and you need to make a decision on what you want to do with it. Two options you have are to donate it or sell it for cash. Each option has its pros and cons and it’s up to you to determine which is right for you.

Donating your car

One of the positives to donating your car is the tax return you receive. However, what many people don’t realize is that it’s more complicated than it seems. Some criteria for donating your car include finding a qualified charity, understanding fair market value and determining whether or not donating your car is even worth the return, and gathering the proper paperwork. A significant negative to donating your car is that getting fair market price is rare.

Donating your car takes extensive research. Don’t get fooled by advertisements. Often times what you think may be legitimate charities are not. Sometimes these organizations will not give you fair market price. Don’t get fooled!

Selling your car for cash

Selling your used car for cash is by far the quickest and easiest way to make money when parting ways with your car. When getting cash for a used car, specifically through Original Cash for Cars, there are three great pros. Call and give a full description of your car, you’ll get a quote, then lastly a representative will meet you where the car is located, pay you on the spot, and tow the car away.

The main benefit to selling your used car for cash is getting fair market price in cash immediately as well as the convenience of having your car towed right away. The process is simple and quick, with no heavy lifting on your end.

Whether you choose to donate your used car or sell it for cash, make sure to do your research and choose the option that is right for you. If you choose to sell for cash, contact Original Cash for Cars at 888-540-7090 or visit

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Selling Your Car

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  1. Do Your Research : If you’re reading this article, you’re already ahead of the game. There are lots of options when it comes to selling your car, and if you aren’t careful you can get scammed or ripped off easily. Make sure you do your research to determine how much your car is worth and what the best option is for you before you make any major decisions.
  2. Don’t Waste Time at Dealerships : While considering the above advice, we highly recommend avoiding dealerships when it comes to selling your car. Often times, dealerships are simply looking to give you as low of a price as possible in order to maximize their profit when reselling it. Car dealers take up much of your time negotiating and bargaining and it’s simply not worth it when you come away with a poor deal.
  3. Clean Thoroughly : Make sure your car is spick-and-span; you want to impress buyers after all! This includes both the interior and exterior of the car, even if it means spending a pretty penny, it will pay off in the end when a buyer sees that the car has been taken care of and doesn’t have noticeable stains or scum.
  4. Don’t Stress ! Choose an option that’s care-free and requires minimal stress for you. There are options, such as Original Cash for Cars, which will give you cash for your used car. The process is simple, easy, and quick.

For further information or quote please contact Original Cash for Cars at 888-540-7090 or visit

Why You Shouldn’t Use Craigslist to Sell Your Car

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Craigslist has truly changed the way we buy and sell over the Internet and in person. With a few clicks or swipes, we can be the owners of a new lawnmower, a car, or even a home! If you’re trying to get quick cash for your used car, there is much better options than Craigslist and here’s why.

There are so many Craigslist scams out there, it will make your head spin! Here are a few of the most popular.

  • The seller or buyer requests to wire money to or from another country (usually using Western Union).
  • The seller or buyer asserts that they are in the military, stationed overseas or is living overseas.
  • The seller or buyer might demand that you use an online escrow service that they choose.
  • The person taking the call or email tries to get you to sell to an “agent.”
  • The buyer or seller is very anxious and pressures you to finish the deal.

So be smart and contact a reliable and trusted source such as Original Cash for Cars, the leading used car buyers nationwide for a quick quote.

For further information or quote please contact Original Cash for Cars at 888-540-7090 or visit

Selling a Damaged Car

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Selling a car can take a lot of time and effort; and this is even true when the vehicle is in great shape. If the vehicle is damaged or in need of repairs, it will only make the process more difficult.
If you are trying to sell the car on your own, this leaves you with a few options. You could accept a price that is significantly below value just to get rid of the vehicle. You could spend money on repairs in the hope that you can recover the expense when you make the sale. Or you could call around to junkyards and try to sell the car for scrap.
When you think about it, none of these options are particularly profitable. Two of the options have you accepting less for the car than it is worth, and the other has you investing more money into the vehicle. Fortunately, there is another option for people that are trying to figure out how to sell a damaged car.
With Original Cash for Cars, you have a service that will buy any car, regardless of the damage or its need for repairs. You will avoid the hassle of repairing the vehicle and it will ensure that you get a fair price for your car.
All you need to do is contact us for a free quote and once agreed we will come to you and pay you cash. When you sell your used car to us, the process is fast and easy, plus you know that you are dealing with a reputable service that operates nationwide. For further information or questions please contact Original Cash for Cars at 888-540-7090 or visit

Cash for Wrecked Car

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Selling your used vehicle, especially a damaged one can be tough. Are you wondering who will buy your damaged car? Don`t have to worry anymore. Original Cash for Cars is the solution you have been searching for.

Original Cash for Cars is the nation’s leading used car buyer. Our company is fully licensed, insured, and bonded. Our goal is to always provide quick and professional service to all our customers. If you want to sell your car, SUV, van, or truck, then we are the right company to help you. We are fully devoted to helping you sell your vehicle safely and quickly without any hassles.
Whether you live in Los Angeles, Chicago or any city nationwide, we are a phone call away to start the process with a hassle-free quote. There are no hidden fees or paperwork. Whether your car is running or not, we will buy it. Just contact us and rest assured that you will get fast cash for your used car.

For further information about our services or for a quote please contact Original Cash for Cars at 888-540-7090 or visit

Tips on how to sell your used car

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Asking yourself, how can I sell my used car ? If yes, continue reading this article. Admittedly, anyone can sell his or her used car. However, to sell a used car at the exact market value is one of the techniques that most people are not aware of. By utilizing the tips below, you will get the right amount for your used car.

  1. Value calculation

    Search the entire market and look for car dealers who sell used cars. Calculate the real worth of your car. Scour the local classified adverts to check if somebody else is selling a car that is similar to yours. Be sure to check the price that he or she has fixed for their used car, then choose a price point that is comfortable for you. Always ensure that you tell any potential buyer little more than your target price so that when you negotiate with the purchaser, you can easily settle on your target amount.

  2. Advertise your car online

    Online advertisement is one of the best techniques of reaching many people at once. Just advertise your used car online, and you will get buyers. For sure, many adverts will enable you to put the image of your vehicle along with listings that will attract more customers. Make sure that you relist your used car for sale advertisement every day or even every week until you sell it. For sure, relisting is important since it will keep your used car at the top of search engine results.

  3. Contact a legit auto dealer in your location to sell your used car

    In case you don`t want to sell your vehicle to a trader, just contact a car dealer in your area. Such auto dealers sell cars on consignment; meaning that one can give the dealership some percentage depending on what the vehicle sells.

  4. Utilize social media networking platforms

    Just take some pictures of your car, then post them as classifieds or ads on popular social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook and many others.

Indeed, selling a used car is a difficult task. Searching for buyers, price negotiations, and working out delivery/pickup can take a lot of your time. But, that isn`t the only available way to go. Are you still asking yourself, how can I sell my used car? Sell your used car quickly now. Contact Original Cash For Cars Company today!

The Slow Old Way vs. the Fast New Way of Selling Cars

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Anyone who has ever tried to sell a car knows it takes time. You might go on for weeks without making any progress. That old system is too slow – get fast cash for your car with the new way of selling.

Eliminating the Sales Process

Original Cash For Cars has a system that eliminates the slow parts of any car deal. You don’t have to sweat over finding the right price because we have so much experience buying and selling used cars. We are fair and will give you a quote within minutes. There is no need to negotiate with strangers. One phone call to Original Cash for Cars is all you need.

Quick Pickup and Payment

From the time you get your quote to the time that the car gets picked up (if needed) might only take a day or two. It is an easy and quick process so it is important that you have all necessary paper work at hand i.e. the title of the car, to complete the transaction.

Fast Cash for Cars

Compared to the old way of selling a car, there is no contest. You might spend several days deciding on a selling price, then several weeks to find a buyer and close the deal. If time is money, your time is not worth much if you spent a lot of time trying to sell your car or truck on your own. Original Cash For Cars has a system that cuts out the time wasting and gives you a great deal fast.

When you want fast cash for used cars , there is only one place to turn: Original Cash For Cars! For further information or for a quote please contact Original Cash for Cars at 888-540-7090 or visit