Remember When the Government Paid You For Your Clunker?

fast cash for your used car
Remember back in 2009 when the government offered cash for clunkers as an incentive for car owners to ditch their current cars and upgrade to newer more efficient models? It was such a hit with consumers, the funds for the program ran out months before its deadline. The great news for you is, even though cash for clunkers has officially been over for almost a decade, we here at Original Cash for Cars gladly carry on the tradition of paying you fast cash for cars.
Yes, we buy used cars and clunkers every day of the year. As one of the nation’s oldest and largest car-buying companies, it is our job to ensure your transaction runs smoothly without the hassle of lengthy paperwork. Located in most metropolitan areas, we can have money in your hands within 24 hours, seven days a week.
All makes, and models are wanted regardless of condition. If it is damaged from a wreck, we will buy it. If your car does not run, we will take it off your hands. If it is a clunker and taking up space in your driveway, we will pay money for it. No matter the condition, Original Cash for Cars is willing to pay cash for used cars.
What does it take to get cash in hand within 24 hours? Simply give us a call for a free no-obligation quote at 888.838.6572 and we can schedule for a pickup and payment of your vehicle.
Even though the government may be out of the car buying business, Original Cash for Cars is here for you. Want to learn more about how to get fast cash for your car? Please visit or contact Original Cash for Cars at 888.838.6572 with any questions. We are here to help.

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