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There are many options on the market today to sell your used car, from working with top dealerships to placing a personal adonline on sites such as Craigslist. Whatever condition your car is in today, it will never be worth more than it is right now. The quickest way to get rid of a vehicle and get the most cash for it is to contact Original Cash For Cars and get a free quote.

You can go through the lengthy process of selling your car to a dealership that will put you through the paces of red tape and an awkward negotiation process. Or you can try your luck out in the public and hope you get the best deal from the most honest and legitimate seller. These are both risky options that can be a hassle with no guarantee you are getting what the car is worth.

If you; however, sell your used car to a respected buyer such as Original Cash For Cars, we have streamlined the process so it is as hassle-free as possible, with added benefits that include:

1. Hassle-Free Sale

All it takes is a phone call. Give us as complete a description of the status and condition of your used car as possible. Once a dollar amount is agreed upon, we will set a time to meet and complete the transaction. The entire process can take a matter of hours and just like that your car is gone and with cash in hand.

2. Car Pickup

Having a car that is damaged (in various ways)and not in proper working order only makes it more difficult to sell; especially through traditional means. When dealing with Original Cash For Cars, the vehicle is no longer your responsibility once it is in our possession and we do offer the convenience of picking up the vehicle if it need be.

3. Deal Direct

When you go through a used car dealership, there are typically hoops to jump through, paperwork to file, and protocols to follow. The salesperson needs to check with management, negotiate the best deal possible for them, and then take a percentage of the sales price. At Original Cash For Cars, there are no loan applications and no middlemen to deal with. You deal with us directly, cash for used car, without stress or hassle.

4. Sell Any Kind of Car

We do not care what make, model, or year your car is. It does not matter what features or accessories are included, or how many miles are on it. The only thing we care about is that it is a car and you want to sell it. The vehicle does not have to be clean or presentable, and it does not need to be working condition.

OriginalCashForCars makes it easier than ever to sell your used car in three easy steps. Original Cash For Cars is licensed, bonded, and fully insured. Contact OriginalCashforCars today for a free quote at 888.838.6572 or visit to learn more.

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