How to Sell a Damaged Car After a Wreck


sell a damaged car
Have you recently had a wreck? Original Cash for Cars sincerely hopes you aren’t injured, and we’re happy to say we’re here to help you navigate the easiest way to get you back on the road. One of the simplest ways to get fast cash for cars (even when they’re damaged) is by selling your vehicle to the licensed and bonded experts at Original Cash for Cars.

You may be wondering, “Why would I sell my used car ?” or really, “Why would I sell my car ?” in general. But really, the best way to earn cash for cars so that you can buy or lease a new vehicle is to sell it for its useable parts.

So, then it’s important to learn how to sell a damaged car . Though it may seem like selling your wrecked vehicle to a dealership is a better option, car dealers are often rather clever and will not give you the fair price you deserve. Earning fast cash for cars from Original Cash for Cars is fair, fast, and convenient. We’ll give you a great offer for your vehicle, often pick up your car and pay you within 24 hours, and we never add any hidden fees.

Why spend time and money repairing your car and selling it when you can probably get more money for easily selling it for parts? Perhaps your vehicle is even damaged to the point where it’s damages would be more expensive to fix than your car was actually worth in the first place. Maybe it simply isn’t worth the repair costs overall. Be honest about exactly what was damaged during your wreck to obtain a fair price, and contact us today for more information about how to sell a damaged car. .

Avoiding the Pitfalls: How to Get Fast Cash for Cars


how to sell a car for cash

Every driver knows about the pitfalls of selling a used car. It’s like preparing for war. On the one side, you want to sell your car for cash without any hassle; on the other, buyers want to take your car and pay next-to-nothing because they know you’re “motivated.” How do you bridge the gap by getting a fair price without devoting your life to getting fast cash for cars?

As with any market these days, you only have to do your homework and come up with an efficient system online. To qualify as efficient, you need a beginning-to-end process that keeps you from getting your hands dirty in the used car business. If a company can talk to you without costing you any money, remove the car from your home without a fee and get you the money right after an assessment is made, you’re dealing with a company that means business.

Original Cash for Cars puts this exact system in play. “How do I sell my car fast ?” People are always asking this question. It’s easy to get cash for cars without waiting weeks for checks to clear and deadbeat companies to work out their finances. Trust a company that doesn’t force you to start a side business when you need to sell your car for cash immediately. Of course, it all comes down to the money once your car is out of your hands.

That means you’ll need to get paid fast. Give a maximum of 24 hours to companies that say they have the ultimate fast cash for cars system. Finally, don’t negotiate and stress over cars that need minor repairs (or even major repairs). Any company that is insured and bonded has mechanics to make repairs and get their vehicles on the market. For a reputable company, it’s a cinch. For you, the car owner, your worries get eliminated. The service is ready whenever you want to get an old car off your hands.

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Navigate the Cash for Cars Market Wisely: 3 Steps for a Foolproof System


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How complicated can the online cash for cars market get? It depends on how familiar you are with the nonworking methods. For example, any company with an emphasis on talk should be counted out immediately. The same goes for companies who want an in-depth assessment of your vehicle. What are they good for? To find a fast cash for cars system in place for the benefit of you, the consumer, follow these three steps:

  1. Avoid any fine-print systems. When you want to sell your car for cash without filling out forms, the companies flashing countless amounts of paperwork won’t cut it. Move on to a site where everything is laid out in detail and without ambiguity. You have a used car and they have a system for selling it. All they need is the car and the title; all you need is the money.
  2. Let them do the heavy lifting. When you tell yourself, “It’s time to sell my car fast ,” you don’t want to commit to a long, hard journey. Look for a company that will pick up your car and get you the money, no questions asked.
  3. Get a guarantee you’ll get the money, no matter your car’s condition. The cash for cars system works best when the site is looking for cars in any state of repair (or disrepair). Once you take the time to find a company and give them the go-ahead to come pick up your vehicle, you don’t want to backtrack into a game of fix-it scenarios. Choose a company like Original Cash for Cars , which takes every car and guarantees they’re going to pay for it.

To sell your car for cash without a lot of headaches, make your decision right the first time. Just avoid the fine print, let them make the pickup and get ready to move forward with cash in hand – no matter the condition of your car.

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Sell Your Car for Cash: The Easy Way


sell your car for cash
In the old days of car sales, getting rid of a used vehicle could be a real problem. You’d have to list your car in the paper, deal with endless phone calls and false starts, negotiate with some random person about the vehicle until you finally found some level of agreement on a total amount. It took forever; it was frustrating and generally didn’t end well.

Since the invention of the web, of course, things have changed. You can look up the value of a car instantly, can Google “sell my car online ” and find a buyer almost immediately, and can quickly and efficiently work through the variety of used car buyers out there to find the best possible solution for yourself. It’s pretty wonderful.

If you are looking to earn cash for your car , there’s really no better way to start than with an online quote. Original Cash for Cars have made this process simple and efficient via our online request forms that allow you to find out exactly what your car is worth in the open market. And the best part? Once you have a quote, you can simply have the company come pick up the car and leave you with cash in hand.

If you want to sell a car for cash but don’t want to deal with the hassle of shopping around, visiting dealerships, fussing with advertisements and the tiresome visits of tire-kickers, you’d be hard pressed to find a more appealing option than selling your car via an online used car buyer.

You don’t have to argue about price, you don’t have to answer a ton of emails and phone calls, and you don’t have to drive all over town trying to find a decent deal. You simply fill out a form and wait for the buyer to take possession of the vehicle. It really couldn’t be any better!

Talk to one of our used car buyer today and see how much easier and convenient it is than any other method. For more information please visit or contact us at 800.540.7090 with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Surveying the Cash for Cars Market for the Best Options


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A quick look at the cash for cars market will tell you that you’re better off making quick work of an automobile sale. Newspapers and “For Sale” signs are rarely useful anymore when it comes to the used car market, leaving most car owners stuck with online classifieds and potential word-of-mouth deals. After a short while, you’ll find that this process is fruitless.

The best way to sell a car for cash is to find a company specializing in the secondhand automobile market. The true pros in this business do not waste any time in getting the deal done. They’ll ask you about the car’s condition and other details and come up with a price that works. Before you think, “It’s time to sell my car,” give a company like Original Cash for Cars a call and see what their price is.

You’ll find that there are no terms to stress over and they’ll take your car no matter its condition. It’s a bonafide cash for cars solution, without the dramatics that people normally have to go through when selling an automobile. You’ll get payment at lightning speeds – typically within hours of getting your quote – and can soon separate yourself from that old car for good.

Everyone knows how quickly cars depreciate. Once they are sitting in a driveway and unusable, their value drop even more swiftly. Offering an automobile as a trade-in is often your only alternative. However, to sell a car for cash, you’ll get a much better price. Car dealers are notorious for low-balling customers who come in to buy a new car. They know you’ll typically take anything you can get for the car and simply want to leave with a new ride. They hold all the leverage and wield it viciously.

Before you tell yourself, “I’d like to take a chance and sell my car online ,” see what you can get by dealing with the pros at Original Cars for Cash.

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Sell Your Car: Even if it Doesn’t Run


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Selling a car, by any measure, is a hassle. And while this is true for working, newer vehicles, it’s especially applicable for cars that have moved past their prime. If you’ve ever tried to find a decent buyer for an older vehicle, or one that doesn’t quite run, you know exactly how hard it can be. The simple fact is that dealerships won’t take a banged-up old car, and most people shopping the web aren’t looking for a fixer-upper project.

If you’ve got an old junker sitting in your driveway, or a car that runs but has seen better days, your odds of selling it for a fair price are pretty low. Even if you manage to find someone willing to take it off your hands, you’ll end up having to negotiate the price and haul the car to its final destination—time-consuming and sometimes costly affairs. It’s a long, frustrating process that usually ends in you receiving less money than you had initially hoped.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom for folks looking to earn fast cash for cars—even cars that have seen better days. Online car buyers are more than willing to pay for those old beauties, and are usually ready to offer fair payments with easy terms to make the offer even more attractive.

Sell Your Old Car for Cash

Industry leading online business like Original Cash for Cars are prepared to provide you with an easy way to sell your car online, regardless of the car’s condition. You don’t need to make repairs, touch up the car’s paint or even bring it in for inspection—all it takes is a phone call. Once you’ve received your quote, it’s just a matter of kicking back and waiting for the tow truck to show up.

Imagine making a phone call about that hunk of junk in your garage in the morning, and having a payment in your hands that night. That’s the type of turnaround you can expect when you use a service like Original Cash for Cars. Web-based car buyers treat all customers with respect, regardless of the condition of the car or the location of the seller; something sorely lacking at big-name dealerships.

There are advantages to avoiding the dealership, and opting to sell your car for cash:

  • It’s Easy: Go from junk to cash in just a few hours
  • It’s Fair: Even old cars and broken-down heaps receive top-dollar quotes
  • It’s Helpful: With cash in hand, you’ll have more power to negotiate a fair price on a new car

Before you try dragging your old car in for a trade-in estimate, or post it online hoping to find the one buyer that may be interested, you’d be well-served by instead trying to sell your car online. There’s no pressure to sell once you receive a quote, and you’ll finally know exactly what your car is worth.

Selling your junk car doesn’t have to be an endeavor of epic proportions. Pick the right buyer and it could be easier than you think.

Selling a Car the Easy Way


sell my car

We’ve all been through the frustrating, dragged-out process of attempting to trade in a used car. First, you bring your car to the dealer’s location. Next, you let someone poke and prod at it for a few minutes. And finally, you spend the next few hours arguing back and forth over a fair price. If you can’t land one, off you go to the next dealership on your list. Assuming you eventually even receive a good offer, working with dealerships is a time-consuming mess.

Selling your car directly is yet another hassle—there’s posting and paying for the ad, fielding the phone calls, filtering out the unqualified clients and countless “test drives” that end up getting you nowhere. Plus, there’s the adventure of meeting with complete strangers, either at your house or in another location. In most cases, it’s just not worth the effort to try and sell your car to a private individual without having someone already lined up and ready to buy.

Luckily, there’s a new way to sell cars that doesn’t involve carting your vehicle around from one location to another or dealing with countless no-shows from potential buyers that found your car on the Internet. This new method provides fast cash for cars in a quick, efficient manner, with little effort on the part of the buyer–and is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to sell a vehicle for sellers looking to escape the old patterns.

Cash for Cars: The New Solution

It’s never been easier to sell your car online, right from the comfort of your home office or living room. For instance, industry-leading website Original Cash for Cars offers a painless three-step process for earning fast cash for cars:

  1. Call the toll-free number
  2. Receive a quote from the service
  3. Wait for someone to come tow the car away

Selling a car this way helps you skip over the nonsense—there’s no dealer to haggle with, no tire-kicking buyers to please and no pressure to take the price you’re offered. Online car buyers provide the easiest method for finding a respectable quote, as well as the most time-efficient and convenient way to actually sell the car.

There are several advantages to skipping the dealership and selling your car online:

  • Speed – get your money within 24 hours of pickup
  • Safety – licensed and bonded sellers with an easy-to-see reputation
  • Purchase Guarantee – no repairs needed, no “in-demand” models—all cars receive quotes
  • Convenience – pickup available in almost any city in the United States

Thanks to the worldwide web, we no longer have to deal with the often-painful process of fighting dealerships interested only in themselves, or untrustworthy buyers showing up at our doorsteps. We can work directly through the Internet with reputable, honest services that offer us top-dollar for our vehicles without all the showmanship and arguing.

It’s a modern way to sell a car, for a modern age of doing business.