Sell Your Car: Even if it Doesn’t Run


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Selling a car, by any measure, is a hassle. And while this is true for working, newer vehicles, it’s especially applicable for cars that have moved past their prime. If you’ve ever tried to find a decent buyer for an older vehicle, or one that doesn’t quite run, you know exactly how hard it can be. The simple fact is that dealerships won’t take a banged-up old car, and most people shopping the web aren’t looking for a fixer-upper project.

If you’ve got an old junker sitting in your driveway, or a car that runs but has seen better days, your odds of selling it for a fair price are pretty low. Even if you manage to find someone willing to take it off your hands, you’ll end up having to negotiate the price and haul the car to its final destination—time-consuming and sometimes costly affairs. It’s a long, frustrating process that usually ends in you receiving less money than you had initially hoped.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom for folks looking to earn fast cash for cars—even cars that have seen better days. Online car buyers are more than willing to pay for those old beauties, and are usually ready to offer fair payments with easy terms to make the offer even more attractive.

Sell Your Old Car for Cash

Industry leading online business like Original Cash for Cars are prepared to provide you with an easy way to sell your car online, regardless of the car’s condition. You don’t need to make repairs, touch up the car’s paint or even bring it in for inspection—all it takes is a phone call. Once you’ve received your quote, it’s just a matter of kicking back and waiting for the tow truck to show up.

Imagine making a phone call about that hunk of junk in your garage in the morning, and having a payment in your hands that night. That’s the type of turnaround you can expect when you use a service like Original Cash for Cars. Web-based car buyers treat all customers with respect, regardless of the condition of the car or the location of the seller; something sorely lacking at big-name dealerships.

There are advantages to avoiding the dealership, and opting to sell your car for cash:

  • It’s Easy: Go from junk to cash in just a few hours
  • It’s Fair: Even old cars and broken-down heaps receive top-dollar quotes
  • It’s Helpful: With cash in hand, you’ll have more power to negotiate a fair price on a new car

Before you try dragging your old car in for a trade-in estimate, or post it online hoping to find the one buyer that may be interested, you’d be well-served by instead trying to sell your car online. There’s no pressure to sell once you receive a quote, and you’ll finally know exactly what your car is worth.

Selling your junk car doesn’t have to be an endeavor of epic proportions. Pick the right buyer and it could be easier than you think.

Selling a Car the Easy Way


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We’ve all been through the frustrating, dragged-out process of attempting to trade in a used car. First, you bring your car to the dealer’s location. Next, you let someone poke and prod at it for a few minutes. And finally, you spend the next few hours arguing back and forth over a fair price. If you can’t land one, off you go to the next dealership on your list. Assuming you eventually even receive a good offer, working with dealerships is a time-consuming mess.

Selling your car directly is yet another hassle—there’s posting and paying for the ad, fielding the phone calls, filtering out the unqualified clients and countless “test drives” that end up getting you nowhere. Plus, there’s the adventure of meeting with complete strangers, either at your house or in another location. In most cases, it’s just not worth the effort to try and sell your car to a private individual without having someone already lined up and ready to buy.

Luckily, there’s a new way to sell cars that doesn’t involve carting your vehicle around from one location to another or dealing with countless no-shows from potential buyers that found your car on the Internet. This new method provides fast cash for cars in a quick, efficient manner, with little effort on the part of the buyer–and is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to sell a vehicle for sellers looking to escape the old patterns.

Cash for Cars: The New Solution

It’s never been easier to sell your car online, right from the comfort of your home office or living room. For instance, industry-leading website Original Cash for Cars offers a painless three-step process for earning fast cash for cars:

  1. Call the toll-free number
  2. Receive a quote from the service
  3. Wait for someone to come tow the car away

Selling a car this way helps you skip over the nonsense—there’s no dealer to haggle with, no tire-kicking buyers to please and no pressure to take the price you’re offered. Online car buyers provide the easiest method for finding a respectable quote, as well as the most time-efficient and convenient way to actually sell the car.

There are several advantages to skipping the dealership and selling your car online:

  • Speed – get your money within 24 hours of pickup
  • Safety – licensed and bonded sellers with an easy-to-see reputation
  • Purchase Guarantee – no repairs needed, no “in-demand” models—all cars receive quotes
  • Convenience – pickup available in almost any city in the United States

Thanks to the worldwide web, we no longer have to deal with the often-painful process of fighting dealerships interested only in themselves, or untrustworthy buyers showing up at our doorsteps. We can work directly through the Internet with reputable, honest services that offer us top-dollar for our vehicles without all the showmanship and arguing.

It’s a modern way to sell a car, for a modern age of doing business.