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Remember When the Government Paid You For Your Clunker?

fast cash for your used car
Remember back in 2009 when the government offered cash for clunkers as an incentive for car owners to ditch their current cars and upgrade to newer more efficient models? It was such a hit with consumers, the funds for the program ran out months before its deadline. The great news for you is, even though cash for clunkers has officially been over for almost a decade, we here at Original Cash for Cars gladly carry on the tradition of paying you fast cash for cars.
Yes, we buy used cars and clunkers every day of the year. As one of the nation’s oldest and largest car-buying companies, it is our job to ensure your transaction runs smoothly without the hassle of lengthy paperwork. Located in most metropolitan areas, we can have money in your hands within 24 hours, seven days a week.
All makes, and models are wanted regardless of condition. If it is damaged from a wreck, we will buy it. If your car does not run, we will take it off your hands. If it is a clunker and taking up space in your driveway, we will pay money for it. No matter the condition, Original Cash for Cars is willing to pay cash for used cars.
What does it take to get cash in hand within 24 hours? Simply give us a call for a free no-obligation quote at 888.838.6572 and we can schedule for a pickup and payment of your vehicle.
Even though the government may be out of the car buying business, Original Cash for Cars is here for you. Want to learn more about how to get fast cash for your car? Please visit or contact Original Cash for Cars at 888.838.6572 with any questions. We are here to help.



A few questions that come to mind when selling your used car: “Will I get a fair price?” “How long will the process take?” It is not easy to trust car dealers to handle all used cars transactions professionally. Further, expecting to receive cash from unknown people or accepting terms and conditions in phony online services that make promises they will not keep can be dangerous.

But what to do when you need to sell a used car as soon as possible? Whether due to a family emergency or in need of a new car Original Cash for Cars is the go to source for selling your used car with confidence. As one of the oldest and largest car buying networks in the United States, Original Cash for Cars has the experience and expertise to make the process of selling your used car fast, easy and reliable.

  • You only need to make one phone call to get a free quote.
  • We buy used cars as is.
  • We can pick up the used car within 24 hours nationwide.

Regardless of your reasons to sell a used car, we are prepared to act promptly and we pride in giving all our clients a trustworthy service and the fast cash they deserve for their automobiles. Our goal is to make your life easier. We want used cars, you want fast cash. Simple!

For further information or for a hassle free quote please call Original Cash for Cars at 888-540-7090 or visit

The Slow Old Way vs. the Fast New Way of Selling Cars

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Anyone who has ever tried to sell a car knows it takes time. You might go on for weeks without making any progress. That old system is too slow – get fast cash for your car with the new way of selling.

Eliminating the Sales Process

Original Cash For Cars has a system that eliminates the slow parts of any car deal. You don’t have to sweat over finding the right price because we have so much experience buying and selling used cars. We are fair and will give you a quote within minutes. There is no need to negotiate with strangers. One phone call to Original Cash for Cars is all you need.

Quick Pickup and Payment

From the time you get your quote to the time that the car gets picked up (if needed) might only take a day or two. It is an easy and quick process so it is important that you have all necessary paper work at hand i.e. the title of the car, to complete the transaction.

Fast Cash for Cars

Compared to the old way of selling a car, there is no contest. You might spend several days deciding on a selling price, then several weeks to find a buyer and close the deal. If time is money, your time is not worth much if you spent a lot of time trying to sell your car or truck on your own. Original Cash For Cars has a system that cuts out the time wasting and gives you a great deal fast.

When you want fast cash for used cars , there is only one place to turn: Original Cash For Cars! For further information or for a quote please contact Original Cash for Cars at 888-540-7090 or visit

How to Get Cash for Your Used Car


Cash for used carsWhen it comes to getting money for a used car, there are several avenues available to you. One, you can bring your car to a dealership and attempt to get a trade-in deal. The dealer will undervalue your car, of course, and try to sink you into a more expensive vehicle with high payments. You could also sell your car to a private buyer, posting and maintaining ads that require constant phone calls and endless meetings with people who may or may not actually have the money on-hand.

Alternatively, you could work with Original Cash for Cars. Our approach to car buying is easy: Call us, explain the details on your car, and we’ll provide you with an instant offer. If you agree to the offer, we’ll pick up your car (free of charge) and hand you cash upon arrival. There’s no hassle, no worrying about flakey buyers, and no dealing with pushy salesmen. We’re here to make getting cash for cars as simple as possible.

Original Cash for Cars is one of the oldest and largest car buying networks in the United States. We designed this service from the start to be customer-centric — we’re here to help, not to pressure you into a deal you don’t like. We buy cars all across the country and are a nationally recognized company with a long list of satisfied clients. It’s all about making the sales process simple and ensuring you aren’t struck with nasty surprises.

We offer easy 24-hour service via our simple online web form or you can call us directly at 888-540-7090. Our experienced, courteous staff is ready to help you turn your used car into cold hard cash.

Secret to Getting Fast Cash for your Car


Cash for your carMore often than not, selling a car will end up being a major undertaking. Whether the car is like new or if it is several years old, there are issues that can make getting fair value for the vehicle a difficult prospect. Fortunately, there are options that can make it easy to get cash for a used car. With services like Original Cash For Cars, people can get fast cash for any car without having to go through the hassle that often accompanies car selling.

The service is free

One of the main advantages to selling your car through us is that the service is free and we offer quotes with no obligation. That means you can go to our website or contact us via phone, provide the needed information and we will give you a quote immediately.

We take any car

We are willing to offer cash for any car almost anywhere in the country. It doesn’t matter if the car is junk, brand new, or very old. Once you accept our offer, we will arrange for pick up and make payment on the spot. This is an advantage you don’t get anywhere else! Cars that are still relatively new can be a hassle to sell privately because few buyers have the cash on hand to pay and cars that are damaged or in bad condition, buyers will often be wary to make the purchase.

It is fast and convenient

With our service, you might be able to have cash for a used car in less than 24-hours. That means that you do not have to go through all of the headaches that are typically associated with selling a car. No posting classified ads, dealing with all of the potential buyers that want to haggle and no worries about payment issues. At Original Cash For Cars, all of those problems are a thing of the past.

Why spend the time, effort and possibly money looking for a buyer for your car when there is a buyer just waiting to give you cash for a used car? We pride ourselves on not only being quick, hassle free and convenient, but also fair and friendly. Visit our website today and get a free quote or contact  us at 888.540.7090. We are ready to make a deal!

Avoid Picky Buyers When You Want Cash for Your Car


avoid picky buyersSelling things on the Internet such as cars or big ticketed items was so easy in the beginning. Just post an ad, wait for the call and you’re done, right? Wrong. Spam emails and crank calls are just the beginning of your problems when you try to sell anything this way. Original Cash For Cars helps you avoid the most annoying part of the transaction when you take advantage of our simple system. Forget about picky buyers and sell your car today!

The Internet delivers so many more options than putting a “For Sale” sign in the window of your car and parking it at a busy intersection, but it has become complicated. Online ads have become such a target of email marketers and scammers that it’s impossible to do business without a headache.

Original Cash For cars offers you the perfect way to forget about buyers coming to shop for your car. Instead of haggling over prices, we offer you good money for your car and schedule a pickup within 24 hours when agreed upon. Whether you need the car towed from your property or from another location, we will take care of all of the details.

You’ll feel like you have a second job when you are selling a car. There is no need to get in the middle of this process. Call Original Cash For Cars and get cash for your car today. For more information or for a quote please visit or contact us at 888.540.7090 with any questions.


Get Fast Cash For Your Car Without the Risk


Fast cash for cars
Anytime you hear about fast cash for anything, it sounds like there must be a catch. However, Original Cash For Cars has perfected the art of buying people’s cars while eliminating the risk. Our fast cash for cars system makes every transaction safe, secure and reliable no matter what condition your car is in. We’ve taken the question marks out of used car sales.

Speed vs. Security

We don’t blame anyone for being skeptical about fast cash scenarios in the world today. The truth is there are many scams running online or in business locations in every city. Original Cash For Cars is your antidote. We run a licensed, bonded company that delivers a simple service to anyone with an old car to sell. It’s as simple as it is safe.

We help people with fast cash for cars that have stopped running or no longer the car of choice for you and your family. Once you tire of a gas-guzzler or clunker that has little value in the used car market, we step into the void and help you get quick cash for any vehicle. We’ll even pick up the car from your location which makes the process more convenient and hassle free!

The Convenience of Original Cash For Cars

Instead of shopping around for a used car buyer, Original Cash For Cars is here to help and when you’re ready to sell, we are only a phone call away. For more information or for a quote please visit or contact us at 888.540.7090. We look forward to hearing from you!


Cash for Cars: Past and Present


cash for cars
Here at Original Cash for Cars, we put a lot of emphasis on honoring the history of the cash for cars program. For those of you wondering “How can I sell my used car ?” we’re here to provide you with the easiest way to do so. For now, however, we’ll focus on the history of our industry and what makes earning cash for a used car such a simple process today. The industry may have evolved a bit, but there’s still excellent opportunities for great deals.

Cash for cars began when several American automakers (under the US Council for Automotive Research and Vehicle Recycling Partnership) began an extensive campaign to maximize vehicle recycling in the United States, beginning in 1991. The process of how to sell a used or damaged car is part of the vehicle recycling process that gives those with use or damaged cars, trucks, and SUVs fast cash for cars to dismantle these vehicles for spare parts or scrap metal. Cash for cars promotes both social responsibility and protection of the environment.

So, you may be saying “How do I sell my car ?” You no longer have to go to a dealership to get fast cash for cars. Original Cash for Cars will give you a competitive rate on your used or damaged vehicle, and you can feel secure in the fact that our business is licensed and bonded. Choosing us means that you’ll have an honest experience with no hidden fees. We’ll even pick up your vehicle from your place of residence and pay you within 24 hours.

For more information about how cash for cars has evolved from the past to the present, be sure to contact Original Cash for Cars today!

How to Sell a Damaged Car After a Wreck


sell a damaged car
Have you recently had a wreck? Original Cash for Cars sincerely hopes you aren’t injured, and we’re happy to say we’re here to help you navigate the easiest way to get you back on the road. One of the simplest ways to get fast cash for cars (even when they’re damaged) is by selling your vehicle to the licensed and bonded experts at Original Cash for Cars.

You may be wondering, “Why would I sell my used car ?” or really, “Why would I sell my car ?” in general. But really, the best way to earn cash for cars so that you can buy or lease a new vehicle is to sell it for its useable parts.

So, then it’s important to learn how to sell a damaged car . Though it may seem like selling your wrecked vehicle to a dealership is a better option, car dealers are often rather clever and will not give you the fair price you deserve. Earning fast cash for cars from Original Cash for Cars is fair, fast, and convenient. We’ll give you a great offer for your vehicle, often pick up your car and pay you within 24 hours, and we never add any hidden fees.

Why spend time and money repairing your car and selling it when you can probably get more money for easily selling it for parts? Perhaps your vehicle is even damaged to the point where it’s damages would be more expensive to fix than your car was actually worth in the first place. Maybe it simply isn’t worth the repair costs overall. Be honest about exactly what was damaged during your wreck to obtain a fair price, and contact us today for more information about how to sell a damaged car.

Avoiding the Pitfalls: How to Get Fast Cash for Cars


how to sell a car for cash

Every driver knows about the pitfalls of selling a used car. It’s like preparing for war. On the one side, you want to sell your car for cash without any hassle; on the other, buyers want to take your car and pay next-to-nothing because they know you’re “motivated.” How do you bridge the gap by getting a fair price without devoting your life to getting fast cash for cars?

As with any market these days, you only have to do your homework and come up with an efficient system online. To qualify as efficient, you need a beginning-to-end process that keeps you from getting your hands dirty in the used car business. If a company can talk to you without costing you any money, remove the car from your home without a fee and get you the money right after an assessment is made, you’re dealing with a company that means business.

Original Cash for Cars puts this exact system in play. “How do I sell my car fast ?” People are always asking this question. It’s easy to get cash for cars without waiting weeks for checks to clear and deadbeat companies to work out their finances. Trust a company that doesn’t force you to start a side business when you need to sell your car for cash immediately. Of course, it all comes down to the money once your car is out of your hands.

That means you’ll need to get paid fast. Give a maximum of 24 hours to companies that say they have the ultimate fast cash for cars system. Finally, don’t negotiate and stress over cars that need minor repairs (or even major repairs). Any company that is insured and bonded has mechanics to make repairs and get their vehicles on the market. For a reputable company, it’s a cinch. For you, the car owner, your worries get eliminated. The service is ready whenever you want to get an old car off your hands.

For more information or for a quote visit or contact us at 888.540.7090