Top Three Reasons to Sell Your Car For Cash

Sell Your Car For Cash
When it’s time to upgrade to a new vehicle you’ll have many important decisions to make – including whether you should sell your car for cash or trade it in at a dealership. In any situation, the goal is to get the best value for your car.

Trade-In Offers Aren’t Always as Great as They Seem

A dealership’s goal is to get as much money as possible from their customers – and they’re great at it! It’s common for a deal to look great on paper, but if you crunch the numbers you’ll soon realize that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Typically, a dealership will offer what seems to be an incredible amount for your trade-in, but what’s actually happening is that you are simply being charged a higher amount for the purchase of the car. Getting $5,000 for a trade-in on a car with a Blue Book value of $2,000 seems like a great deal, until you realize you paid $7,000 more for the car than you had to.

Cash for Used Car No Matter the Condition

Regardless of the condition of your vehicle, we will buy it; even if it needs significant repairs, has extensive rust, or if it is non-functional. Simply call and get a quote and we pick up your car and give you cash on the spot all within 24 hours. Some dealerships offer what is typically called a “push it in, pull it in, drag it in” sale, which means they’ll take any car as a trade in. Non-functioning cars will usually have parts that can be used for other various applications; however, a dealership won’t give you the best trade-in value for a non-working vehicle. They’ll also require you to transport the car to their dealership, which can be costly and time-consuming. Original Cash for Cars will come to you and pick up the vehicle and thank you in return!

All it takes to get cash for your used car is the title of your vehicle and your ID. Give us a call today at 888.540.7090 or visit for more information.