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How Long Does It Take To Sell My Used Car?

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Regardless of what condition they are in, used cars are like an old wardrobe: You know you need to get rid of it, but you simply can’t find the time to do it. And at the end, between finding the right buyer and making sure you’re getting a fair and fast cash payment, the whole process takes three times more time than what you had hoped.

Like we have mentioned in previous blogs, there are many ways to sell your used car for cash. One of the most popular is Craigslist. But according to the same source, “most craigslist consumers sell (or give up the process of selling) in 4 weeks.” Navigating classified advertisements can be an endless pain when you are in need of a trustworthy and fast solution. This is where Original Cash for Cars saves the day.

Original Cash for Cars is fully licensed, insured and committed to providing you with the best service and price for your used vehicle in any condition. The process is hassle free and offers free quote with a simple phone call. If it’s a good match we can make the exchange the same day.

For further information or for a quote please contact Original Cash for Cars at 888-540-7090 or visit . We are here to help.

How to Get a Great Price for Your Used Car

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Used Car
So you have decided that you want to get your current car off your hands, but how should you go about it? Most importantly, what’s the best way to get a great price for your used car? In this article, we share some tips on maximizing the sale value of your vehicle.

  1. Do a thorough clean

    This is an obvious yet often forgotten point. Make sure that your car is as clean as possible. If you are too busy to clean the car yourself, it is in your best interest to take it to a car wash. Either way a clean car is the first step.

  2. Replace any worn or dirty parts

    When it comes to selling your used vehicle, first impressions are vital. Other than a thorough cleaning, one simple way to make your car instantly look better is to replace for examples floor mats, wipers or cracked windshields (the replacement cost for the latter is often covered by car insurance policies). The cost of this initial investment should be more than covered by the higher sale price that you can achieve as a result!

  3. Sell to Original Cash for Cars

    Last but not least, selling to Original Cash for Cars will allow you to receive a great price for your vehicle – in any condition. What’s more, you will receive the cash for the used car within 24 hours of agreement. It certainly beats trying to find a seller online or ghastly task of advertising in the local newspaper.

Original Cash for Cars offers the most convenient way for you to sell your used car. Our service is rapid, trustworthy, friendly and, most importantly, fair. For further information or for a quote please contact us at 888-540-7090 or

How to not sell a used car

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used cars
There is a great service with which you can sell your used car easily and in record time. But what are some less ideal ways of selling your vehicle? In this article, we discuss them so that you’ll know what not to do!

  1. Craigslist

    If you have considered using Craigslist to sell your car then you are not alone. However, this is usually a bad idea because of the high number of unreliable buyers. It can be frustrating to communicate with potential buyers who later flake on you or renege on previously agreed deals. Craigslist is a poor choice for selling a vehicle and many other free websites aren’t much better.

  2. Used car dealers

    Visiting the local dealer is what most people might first think of when it comes to selling their car. Unfortunately, this isn’t a smart option for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s the dealer’s job to give you as lowball a price as possible. They do this in order to maximize their profit on the car when reselling it. Second, car dealers tend to be hard bargainers and negotiations can take up a lot of your time.

Now we get to the good part – showing you a better way! Overall, you will be much happier using the services of Original Cash for Cars. This is a rapid, legitimate and fair service which guarantees you cash for used cars within just 24 hours after we quote you! We will buy any vehicle in almost any condition or age.
Original Cash for Cars is a major player in the used vehicle market. We offer a quick turnaround and a fair deal on your car! So what are you waiting for? For further information or a free quote please contact us at 888-540-7090 or visit

Why Sell to Original Cash for Cars

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cash for used carIf you want to get fast cash for your used cars , then you should choose Original Cash For Cars! In Here are various benefits of using our market-leading service.

  1. It’s free

    Our service is totally free and transparent. With no hidden fees or catches, you can rest assured that you are getting a fair deal with Original Cash for Cars. After you call and provide us with the details of your car we will give you with a free quote with no obligation.

  2. It’s convenient

    Using Original Cash for Cars is an incredibly easy process. Once you accept the quote, we come to your designated location. Pickup service is provided totally free of charge! You don’t need to do anything – just get ready to receive your cash!

  3. It’s fair

    We at Original Cash for Cars are a fair and honest operator. There are no tricks or hidden conditions attached to using our service. If you try selling your car online or to a used car dealer, you may find that not everyone is as honest as we are.

  4. It’s legitimate

    We are a licensed and bonded operator, which means that you are doing business with a legitimate company. If you would like to know more about Original Cash for Cars then feel free to contact us at any time.

Looking to sell your used car as quickly as possible? Original Cash for Cars offers the easiest way for you to sell your used car, damaged or junk car. Our service is free and convenient. For a free quote please call 888-540-7090 or visit

The Fastest Way to Get Cash for Used Cars


Cash for Used CarsIf you have ever tried to sell a car on your own, you know how long the process takes. Between taking pictures, writing an accurate description and finding a way to advertise the car, it can seem like a full time job. Since most people cannot take time off from work and responsibilities to sell a vehicle, this system doesn’t work. Here is the fastest way to get cash for used cars.

Skip the Sales Process

Unless you work as a used car dealer, selling an old car is complicated. Once you write down all the details about your car and post the photos, you have to start dealing with the people responding. You will find yourself frustrated with missed appointments, phone calls that aren’t returned and unrealistic negotiations.

Remember that time is money, so it doesn’t make sense to spend these extra hours without a big payoff. Instead, leave the entire sales process in the hands of a professional like Original Cash For Cars. It only takes a phone call to get cash for your used car when you use our system!

Get Back to your Life

The biggest complaint people have about trying to sell a car is how much it takes them away from their lives. Instead of spending time with friends and family, you have to deal with strangers sending emails and phone calls about a car you wish would disappear. It’s easy to get tired of this process fast.

Original Cash For Cars offers a simple solution when you are ready to sell your used, new or junk car. If you have a junk car, we can pick it up at your convenience. This is the securest way of selling your car as quickly as possible.

For further information or for a quote please contact us at 888-540-7090 or visit

Selling a Junk Car: Know the Facts


sell junk carSelling a sporty car with a few thousand miles on it is never a problem. Likewise, moving an older but functional Toyota is easy. What about the junk cars that have broken windows or are stuck in your driveway? You can get cash for used car in any condition when you know where to call. Here are the facts about selling a clunker.

Junk Car Blues

It’s tough to drive a junk car around while it is on its last leg, but try selling it on the Internet – it’s impossible! You’ll hear offers for a few dollars from scrapyard owners, but realize your car has more value than it seems. Original Cash For Cars offers top dollar for cars in any condition, so make sure to call us when you want to sell a junk car.

Junk Car Pickup Is Available

How can you sell a junk car when you cannot drop it off to the buyer? This problem haunts many car owners who want to sell. A broken-down car becomes a liability that forces you to hire a tow truck. If you need the vehicle off your property, call us for a quick sale that includes the pickup of the car.

We Buy Every Car

Original Cash For Cars buys cars with broken windshields, missing wheels, bad transmissions, faulty air conditioning, torn seats or leaking gas tanks. No matter how bad the condition of your car, we will offer you cash for it. Let us worry about taking care of your old clunker. It has probably caused you enough problems over the years.

Cash for a Used Car: It’s Easy!

Selling a car online or to a dealer is hard. First, you have to worry about the true value of the car, then you have to try and get that price on the open market. It could take weeks, maybe months, and it is never worth the effort. The Original Cash For Cars system is so easy you can close the deal in one phone call.

Let Original Cash for Cars help you start fresh! For a quick quote or further information please contact us at 888-540-7090 or visit

How to Get Cash for Your Used Car


Cash for used carsWhen it comes to getting money for a used car, there are several avenues available to you. One, you can bring your car to a dealership and attempt to get a trade-in deal. The dealer will undervalue your car, of course, and try to sink you into a more expensive vehicle with high payments. You could also sell your car to a private buyer, posting and maintaining ads that require constant phone calls and endless meetings with people who may or may not actually have the money on-hand.

Alternatively, you could work with Original Cash for Cars. Our approach to car buying is easy: Call us, explain the details on your car, and we’ll provide you with an instant offer. If you agree to the offer, we’ll pick up your car (free of charge) and hand you cash upon arrival. There’s no hassle, no worrying about flakey buyers, and no dealing with pushy salesmen. We’re here to make getting cash for cars as simple as possible.

Original Cash for Cars is one of the oldest and largest car buying networks in the United States. We designed this service from the start to be customer-centric — we’re here to help, not to pressure you into a deal you don’t like. We buy cars all across the country and are a nationally recognized company with a long list of satisfied clients. It’s all about making the sales process simple and ensuring you aren’t struck with nasty surprises.

We offer easy 24-hour service via our simple online web form or you can call us directly at 888-540-7090. Our experienced, courteous staff is ready to help you turn your used car into cold hard cash.

Sell Your Car without the Hassle


Sell your car for cashSelling a used car can be a time-consuming and frustrating task. You have to drive from dealer to dealer spending hours getting estimates, or try your luck with the classifieds and hope that potential buyers don’t waste your time. Success is never a guarantee. It could take you weeks of effort to even get a decent offer on your car, much less to actually sell it. At Original Cash for Cars, we work hard to help you skip the frustration and move right to the sale.

Our Simple Process

If you’re trying to earn cash for a used car, Original Cash for Cars has the easiest and most straightforward process around. All you need to do is call us and ask for a quote. Within minutes you’ll know exactly what our offer is — there are no troublesome negotiations, no bait-and-switch tactics, and no stressful paperwork. The offer we make on the phone is the cash you receive, plain and simple. We believe in keeping frustration low and satisfaction high.

If you do opt to sell your used car to us (there’s no obligation), the rest of the process is even easier. Original Cash for Cars will bring the cash directly to you and tow the used car off your property, making our service the most convenient and easy method for selling a vehicle. It’s fast and pain-free.

It’s also worth noting that Original Cash for Cars will pay cash for used cars in any condition. We’ll buy luxury vehicles, sports cars, clunkers, damaged vehicles, wrecked cars, and even junkers. No matter the current state of your vehicle, we’re ready to make you a fair and immediate offer.

For more information or a quote please visit or contact us at 888.540.7090


3 Tricks to Get Cash for a Used Car Fast


Cash for used car

Most people would agree that wasting time is the worst part of selling a used car. Buyers who don’t show up for appointments or ramble on when calling about your car make the process a nightmare. At Original Cash For Cars, we got into business so you can get cash for used car fast. Here are three tricks to make it happen.

1.Remove all online listings for your car.

If you have active listings online to sell your car, that means people have 24/7 access to your email and phone number.They will call at the most inconvenient times to ask you questions you’ve probably already answered in your ads. Make sure to deactivate any listings you have so this annoying interaction can end immediately. You’ll feel free of a big burden and save time once the ads are offline.

2.Call Original Cash For Cars.

The fastest way to get cash for used car is to call Original Cash For Cars, get your estimate and if agreed set up a time to have your vehicle picked up. Filling out the online form is the second fastest way, for a representatives will contact you as soon as possible. As mentioned, calling the toll-free number is the quickest way to get the ball rolling so your old car can get out of your sight and money can get into your pocket.

3.Get the car’s title and your matching ID.

What does it take to make your car sale official? All Original Cash For Cars needs (besides the car, of course) is the car’s title and your ID matching the name on the title. Once you have these two documents and you remove everything you want (such as old CDs or personal belongings) out of the car, you are ready to sell your automobile.

Getting cash for used car can be fast and easy when you follow these steps! Call Original Cash For Cars at 888.540.7090 to make it happen now! Or for more information please visit

5 Things to Do When You Want Cash for Cars


want cash for carsAre you ready to ditch an old car and get fast money for it? Original Cash For Cars can handle the job for you the easy way. There are just five things to do before you sell your car.

1.  Remove your personal belongings from the car.

Even if your car is old, there are probably things inside you would like to keep. There may be some old CDs (depending how old it is, maybe tapes!), clothing, or other personal belongings that should be taken out.

2. Find the car’s title.

You need the title to sell a car in most states. Along with a government-issued I.D., it’s all you need to get cash for your used or junk car. Make sure that you have the title before you go through the process of selling a car. You’ll save yourself time and the hassle of delaying the process.

3. Set a time that works for the pickup.

Original Cash For Cars will set up a time that’s convenient for you to pick up your car. You don’t have to pay for a tow truck or do anything other than wait for us to arrive and take it off your hands. We make it happen whenever you’re ready.

4. Get a quote.

Getting a price quote for an old car is easy. Just fill out the email form or call with the information about your car. We will give you a quote for your car fast. There are no hidden fees or obligation when you contact us.

5. Aftermath!

By taking these simple steps, you have the right to get easy cash for cars! Now it’s time to figure out what to do with the money.

For more information or for a quote please visit or contact us at 888.540.7090.