Selling a Junk Car: Know the Facts

sell junk carSelling a sporty car with a few thousand miles on it is never a problem. Likewise, moving an older but functional Toyota is easy. What about the junk cars that have broken windows or are stuck in your driveway? You can get cash for used car in any condition when you know where to call. Here are the facts about selling a clunker.

Junk Car Blues

It’s tough to drive a junk car around while it is on its last leg, but try selling it on the Internet – it’s impossible! You’ll hear offers for a few dollars from scrapyard owners, but realize your car has more value than it seems. Original Cash For Cars offers top dollar for cars in any condition, so make sure to call us when you want to sell a junk car.

Junk Car Pickup Is Available

How can you sell a junk car when you cannot drop it off to the buyer? This problem haunts many car owners who want to sell. A broken-down car becomes a liability that forces you to hire a tow truck. If you need the vehicle off your property, call us for a quick sale that includes the pickup of the car.

We Buy Every Car

Original Cash For Cars buys cars with broken windshields, missing wheels, bad transmissions, faulty air conditioning, torn seats or leaking gas tanks. No matter how bad the condition of your car, we will offer you cash for it. Let us worry about taking care of your old clunker. It has probably caused you enough problems over the years.

Cash for a Used Car: It’s Easy!

Selling a car online or to a dealer is hard. First, you have to worry about the true value of the car, then you have to try and get that price on the open market. It could take weeks, maybe months, and it is never worth the effort. The Original Cash For Cars system is so easy you can close the deal in one phone call.

Let Original Cash for Cars help you start fresh! For a quick quote or further information please contact us at 888-540-7090 or visit