Sell a Damaged Car Without Hassle

Sell damaged carVehicle owners have tons of reasons why they might want to sell a car and this holds doubly true when it comes to a car that is damaged. You may need the money for a down payment on a new car or you might just want to get rid of the vehicle and make a little money in the process. The problem is that when you try to sell a damaged car, there can be a variety of hurdles that will not only make it difficult for you to find a buyer, but it can also be hard to get a fair value for a car that has damage. With a service like Original Cash For Cars, you can sell your damaged car without hassle and get a fair price for it.

You don’t have to fix the vehicle

One thing that can be a pain about trying to sell a damaged car is that you may feel that you have to fix it to find a buyer. This can often cost more than you will be able to recover in the sale and it is an unnecessary hassle. With our service, we take any car regardless of age or damage. Not only that, but if the car isn’t running, we can arrange pick up at the time of payment.

You don’t have to go out of your way to sell

For the most part, when you sell a car, there is a considerable amount of time and effort that can go into the process. Regardless of the condition, you have to market the car in some way to raise awareness of the fact that it is for sale. This means the time and expense of making and placing advertisements. Along with that, you will also have to deal with customers trying to negotiate a price and squeeze every cent out of you because the car is damaged. When you sell your damaged car through us, you don’t have to deal with placing ads and customers that drive a hard bargain. With our service, you can get a free price quote online or over the phone and it requires no obligation from the car owner.

We do all of the work

This is a service that is intended to be as easy as possible for the seller. Beyond getting the quote and arranging for a pick up, we will handle all of the work. It doesn’t matter if the car is new, used, damaged or if it is completely broken down. We will value the vehicle, make arrangements to pick it up and pay you with no hassles at all. Since there are no obligations, you might as well at least get a quote before you go through all of the trouble of trying to sell the car on your own.

Just because a car is not in perfect condition, that doesn’t mean that it has no value. The trouble is that it can be hard for the average person to find the right buyer for a damaged car. That is where Original Cars For Cash comes in. Contact us today for a free quote and we can help you get fast cash for that damaged car. For more information or for a quote please visit or contact us at 888.540.7090.