New Year’s Resolution: Get Cash For Your Used Car

New year resolution – cash for used carsDo you have a car sitting in your driveway that has seen better days? What about an old car in the garage that no longer can start? It’s a new year, so there is no better time to clean up your property and get cash for a used car in one simple move. Here’s how you can get it done.

Preparation for Sale

There is money to be made selling your car. All you need to do is some simple prep work and you’re ready to get your check. The first thing is finding the car’s title. This proof of ownership should match the ID of the person selling the car. Once you have this piece of paper in hand, you might as well clean out everything you deem necessary. Now it’s time to make a call.

Get a Quote

Once you have the title in hand, your next step is to call Original Cash For Cars. Just tell us the make, model and condition of the car or truck and we’ll give you the best price on it. If you have ever tried selling a car online or felt cheated when you traded a car in at the local dealership, you will appreciate this straightforward system of selling your car. There is no haggling and no annoying sales process. Just cash for your car!

Relax and Wait for Pickup

Our customers’ favorite part of our service is the pickup process. You just kick back and wait for us to tow your vehicle away at your convenience. If you have a car that doesn’t run at the moment, you will appreciate this part even more. When we pick it up, you get the cash.

When you want to sell your used car fast and easy, Original Cash For Cars is a call away! For a quote or any inquiries please visit or contact us at 888-540-7090.