How to Sell a Salvage Title Car

Sell a Salvage Title CarIf your car has been hit with salvage title designation, it becomes a very difficult thing to sell. Original Cash For Cars is the place to turn when you are in this situation. With our system, it is easy to get cash for any car, salvage title or not. Here’s how to sell a salvage title car fast.

1. Pass on the used car market

Trying to sell a salvage title car on your own will draw a lot of questions and complications. For a salvage title car to be registered for driving, it must become a “rebuilt salvage” car. Most buyers will stay away from these models because of the risk and hassle.

2. Make the call or fill out the form

For an instant quote on a salvage title car, call Original Cash For Cars and pass along the basic information of your car. We’ll offer you the best price available. If you cannot call and choose to fill out the online form, we will give you a fair quote within 24 hours.

3. Arrange a pickup time for your car.

If you are wondering how to sell a salvage title car without sending a tow truck to drop it off, we have the answer. Original Cash For Cars will pick up and tow any car in any condition, no matter where it is located. This convenience makes us popular with customers because it is often the hardest part of selling a junk car.

4. Gather the car title and matching ID.

The one bit of documentation you need to sell a car to us is the title. If you have the title and ID to match the name on the title, you are ready to forge ahead! There is no reason to worry if you don’t know how to sell a salvage title car. Original Cash For Cars will make the entire process fast and easy!

For more information or for a quote please visit or contact us at 888.540.7090 with any questions.