How to Sell a Damaged Car

how to sell a damaged car
It can be difficult to sell a salvage car. What is the reason for this? Simply put, most people want to buy a car that is ready to be driven. A damaged vehicle usually requires a lot of time to repair and extra expense before it’s roadworthy, which can put off a lot of buyers.

Consequently, owners of old cars may wonder what the best course of action is. Some might try to find a private buyer who is willing to accept the car as is and make repairs, but this involves a lot of effort. Others will therefore decide to scrap their car rather than going through the hassle of attempting to sell it. Inevitably, this often means not getting as much money for their car as they could.

Fortunately, there is an easy and convenient solution for selling your salvage car. We at Original Cash for Cars understand that time is money. For this reason, we offer a rapid and transparent service that puts cash into your hands with a minimum amount of effort.

By using our service, you will receive the cash at the time of pick-up. The selling process couldn’t be easier. Simply give us a call, explain the condition of the vehicle and you will receive a quote. Once the quote is accepted, we will arrange a time to pick-up the vehicle at your convenience.

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