How Do You Get Cash for a Damaged Car? It’s Easy!

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Cars don’t last forever, but many people are surprised to learn that even the junkiest cars are worth money these days. How is it possible? If you were wondering how to sell a damaged car , you’ll quickly see it’s easier than you think.

Original Cash for Cars is the leading expert at salvaging cars with problems that are no longer wanted. Selling a used car to picky buyers can become quite a hassle immediately but once Original Cash for Cars receives your request for help in junking your old car, a representative will soon be in touch to offer you a fair quote. If you agree, you’ll have cash in your hand and the damaged car removed within 48 hours. It’s as easy as that!

We often have people ask, “How can I sell my used car when it’s so broken down?” The answer is simple: we find ways to salvage you car’s usable parts so the landfills don’t have to deal with them. While you sit back and watch us cart away an old vehicle, we get to work on a solution that’s convenient for you and green for everyone. All we ask of you is to take the cash and say goodbye to the old heap!

Most of our customers want to get rid of a beat-up ride of pain and hassle, which is why we started Original Cash for Cars. If you want to learn how to sell a damaged car without a hint of stress or anxiety, contact us and watch it happen.

After all, living with a damaged clunker on your property is not only an ugly sight, but a daily reminder that you still need to get rid of it. Don’t hold your breath for it to magically disappear; take action and contact Original Cash for Cars and let us work that magic for you!

For more information about our services and/or to receive a quote please visit or contact us at 888.540.7090 with any questions.