Get Cash for Cars Quickly and Easily

Cash for Cars
Selling a vehicle can be one of the most difficult things to do because it is something which most people don’t have proper training or experience with. Taking it to a dealership as a trade in will almost always get you far less than it is worth, if they will even take it because they are more in the business of selling cars than buying. Selling them privately is one option, but it can take weeks to find a buyer who can pay the full amount up front, and you often have to deal with dozens of people who end up not wanting the car after all. If your car is damaged or broken, it becomes even more difficult to sell your car “as is”.

One option that some might overlook is calling Original Cash for Cars right here in Phoenix. When you want to sell your junk car for cash, we should always be the first place you call, we’ll make you a great offer for your vehicle regardless of its condition- even if your car is no longer in working condition. We send out a tow truck to haul it away, and pay you on the spot.

We have worked with thousands paying cash for their cars in the Phoenix area for many years, and we want to help you sell your damaged car too. We will always pay top dollar for your car regardless of any issues it may have. We purchase cars after they’ve been in accidents, and even when the engine no longer works because it is too old and damaged. No matter what is wrong with the vehicle, we still want to purchase it from you. We are undoubtedly the fastest and easiest way to sell your junk car!

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because a vehicle doesn’t run that it isn’t valuable. There are thousands of different parts in every car, many of which have some worth and value. Since we work hard to reuse, resell, or refurbish every piece of the vehicle we are able to pay far more cash for cars than anyone else. This means you’ll get more money for your car, no matter its condition, when you call us.

We also make it extremely simple to sell your damaged car. We’ll bring all the paperwork needed to sell the vehicle, and all you have to do is simply sign on the dotted line. We’ll give you the cash and tow away your car so you don’t have to worry about a thing. For more information please visit