Cash for Cars Q&A: Can I Sell a “Junk” Car?

Sell a Junk Car
There are a few questions we hear pretty regularly here at Original Cash for Cars. One of the ones we hear most has to do with cars now considered “junk.” Many customers think that their car is simply too far gone to sell to anyone.

But wait! That car you consider a junker isn’t at all junk. Original Cash for Cars specializes in dealing with junk car purchases; we’re almost always able to make an offer on a vehicle no matter the condition. The sales process is designed to be simple and transparent.

Here’s how it works:

Quote – Contact us toll free 888.540.7090 or online
Appointment – A day and time that is convenient for you.
Hand Over – Transfer of the keys and the title of the car at the time of pick up.
Payment – The payment you receive at the time of pick up is guaranteed to be the same amount quoted and agreed upon.

Original Cash for Cars is an industry leader when it comes to handling junk cars. We make three core promises to our customers: We’ll always give you the best offer possible, we’ll never pressure you into selling your car, and we’ll protect your privacy and personal information after a transaction has been concluded. It’s all about customer service and taking a burden of your shoulders. For more information about Original Cash for Cars please visit our site or call us at 888.540.7090 with any questions.