Car Dealers: The Worst Option When Selling a Used Car

Selling used car
When you want cash for your used cars, you might be tempted to trade your old car or truck in to an auto dealer. That’s not the wisest idea. Car dealers are definitely not working in your best interests, no matter how much they say they want to help you. Here’s why you should avoid auto dealerships when you want to sell your used car.

The Price Is Wrong

Why would a car dealer buy your used car unless he planned to make a profit on it? In order to make that profit, the dealer will offer you a low price – usually about half the car’s value. They aren’t really trying to trick you. It’s simple math: they want to clear a profit on your car when they sell it to a customer who comes in looking for a car.

Too Much Negotiating

If you want cash for a used car, it’s going to be hard getting the right price from a dealer. Their goal is to make a double profit when you enter the dealership: one profit on your new car and a second profit on the car you hope to trade in for credit. As mentioned the offer is going to be a very low one.

After you refuse this low offer, they will wait a day and then call you with a new price. Now you are in the middle of a negotiation that could last for days. Do you need that headache?

Getting Cash for Used Cars Is Easier

At Original Cash For Cars, we have a no-hassle policy when it comes to buying your used car. You give us a call and we offer you a fair price, even if the car isn’t running. Next, we come and pick up your car at your convenience and better for you if you have a junk car. You take the cash and we won’t try to sell you another car!

When you want to sell your car fast and easy, call Original Cash For Cars and leave the auto dealers behind. For more information or for a quote please visit or contact us at 888-540-7090.