Can You Get Real Cash for a Damaged Car?

Cash for a Damaged Car
At Original Cash For Cars, we often hear from junk car owners wondering how our system works. They ask if it’s really possible to get cash for a used car when a wheel, battery or other part of the car is missing. The answer is yes! We buy every type of car on the market. From the clunker that no one wants to look at to newer SUVS and crossovers, every vehicle has value when you sell to us.

In addition to the automobile you want to get rid of, all you need to sell is a photo ID and the title of the car. That means even a salvage title issued for a totaled or water damaged car can get you money when you call Original Cash For Cars. Salvage titles take forever to clear when you try going through the local DMW. When you want to move on fast, we’ll pick up your salvage title and let you get back to your life with cash in your pocket.

Trying to get cash for a beat-up car can be a nerve-wracking process otherwise. Between the hassle of moving a broken-down car from your home to negotiating with different dealers, you are going to become aggravated quickly if you attempt to sell a banged up vehicle in the open market. Our system gives you fast cash for a used car with the pickup included. You’ll actually watch the car disappear from your property.

Since the launch of Original Cash For Cars, we have helped thousands of people say goodbye to an old car hello to extra cash. In addition to the quick service we deliver, our system allows you to recycle a car that may have been headed to the landfill. We make sure parts are reused in other vehicles, which makes our service as eco-friendly as it is convenient. Original Cash For Cars is the only place to call.

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