A Salvage Title? No Problem

Salvage Title Cars for Sale
Most people don’t have a clue as to how to sell a salvage title car, let alone that they can. Vehicles that have been given a salvage title are usually considered to be a “total loss” to insurance companies, with the cost of repairing or replacing the damage totaling over 75% of the cars’ current market value.

Almost all states have different criteria for issuing a salvage title, but more often it is due to one of the following reasons:

  • Theft
  • Total wreckage
  • Extensive water damage
  • Other damages that can cause the car to be considered too uneconomical or expensive to repair

In certain cases, it may be possible to repair or replace the damage to earn your salvage title car a Restored Salvage Certificate of Title or a Revived Salvage Title, but the costs and standards your car must meet can be extraordinarily high and take months to be processed through the DMV.

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All we require is a valid photo ID and the car’s title and in return you get cash. There is no better way to sell your salvage car.

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